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Tavistock Local History Society has now transcribed the memorials in three of the four burial grounds of Tavistock: Abbey Chapel Yard, St. Eustachius Churchyard and Dolvin Road.  The Society has also transcribed the memorials inside St. Eustachius Church and the memorials in Gulworthy churchyard and Gulworthy cemetery.  


As a free query service a volunteer will happily run a search for the names of people who may be named on these memorials and let you know if we have found a matching transcription. Details of that transcription and a plan with an approximate location of the memorial will be sent to you.  While we have transcribed most of the memorials in Plymouth Road, which opened in 1882, our transcriptions are not complete.  We can, however, search on those that we have available. 


Please bear in mind:


  • Some of the transcriptions were made some time ago and may no longer be legible or may have disappeared.

  • The memorials in Abbey Chapel Yard and St. Eustachius Churchyard have almost all been moved from their original positions and we have no record of where the actual burial plots were.

  • Information on actual burial plots is only available in the Plymouth Road cemetery.

  • Where burial plots can be identified, and we have access to the relevant burial records, we are able to add this information to the transcriptions, even if there is no memorial.

  • The Tavistock registration area includes not only Tavistock but also many surrounding parishes.  While a death may be registered in Tavistock, the burial may not be in any of the burial grounds for which we have transcriptions. 

  • Transcriptions of the memorials in Whitchurch churchyard and in the church there will be included in this look-up service in the coming months, so if we can't find the details you were looking for, please check again later.

  • Our volunteer searcher will reply as soon as possible but may be busy. We have tried to make the transcriptions as complete and accurate as possible but we can’t be held responsible for any errors or omissions.


Please complete the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Whether we are able to help you or not our society would be very pleased to receive stories about people and families originally from Tavistock for possible publication in our regular newsletters and to enrich our knowledge of Tavistock’s past. Please use our general contact form for more general queries.

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