Due to COVID-19, our schedule has changed from that originally published

Meetings will be held over Zoom and will require an internet connection and internet-enabled device. Please reach out to us via our contact form if you are interested in participating and not already a member to receive the meeting link. It is anticipated that all society meetings will be held over Zoom in future.

Presentations will start at 7:30pm, but you are welcome to log on from 7:00pm to check your audio.

Zoom - The Victorian construction of history and the Drake Statues

August 17, 2020

The Victorian construction of history and the Drake Statues with Andrew Thompson, a society member, archaeologist and historian. The Victorians greatly influenced how history has been taught and viewed in our country over the last 150 years and this led to the erection of many statues of the famous throughout our country and beyond. You may know about the Drake statues in Tavistock and Plymouth, but do you about a third one that was rather unceremoniously pulled down with only its hands surviving?

Zoom – The remarkable Lady Shelley

September 07, 2020

The remarkable Lady Shelley: socialite, traveller, close friend of Wellington - and visitor to West Devon with Clive Charlton. With a title like that I can’t wait to hear Clive’s presentation! Frances Winkley (1787–1873), who became Lady Shelley when she married Sir John Shelley, 6th Baronet Michelgrove, was a noted diarist and close friend of the Duke of Wellington. Her diaries were published by her grandson Richard Edgcumbe as the “Diaries of Frances Lady Shelley”. One can find part of those diaries to read by searching on the internet.

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